ShadeLite Style
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ShadeLite Style
By Female Musicians in Support of Female Musicians

One 4 All

Our final mini lookbook takes place in the beautiful Treedome Productions in Winona, MN

Three's company

Our third lookbook expands to include clothing for all sexes & genders


Let's Party

Take One

Photography by Logan Darr

Styling by Logan Darr and Marielle McNabney

Models for Lookbook 1: Eli, Sofia, Andrea, Izzy, Marielle, and Adrianna

Models for Lookbook 2: Marielle, Ashley, & Lizzy

Models for Lookbook 3: Breaunna, Olivia, Sophia, Lukas, Wyatt, Ashley, Angela, Emma, Izzy, Zoe, Marielle, Grant, Shahbaz, Logan

Photos taken at Urbana Independent Media Center

Thank you to the IMC and Ross Robinson for props

*Lookbook 4*

Photography by Nathaniel Nelson

Models: Nicholle, Marielle, & Danny

Photos taken at Treedome Productions in Winona, MN

Thank you to Treedome for props