ShadeLite Style is a clothing and accessory resale company run by female musicians in support of female musicians. We are tied to ShadeLite Studios and Girls Rock CU! 10% of all profits go directly to supporting young girls interested in music. We offer clothes for people of all gender identities.


We search thrift stores, vintage shops, and clearance racks to find you the best items to add to your closet. 




Marielle McNabney: Owner and Operator

Marielle (stage name Etumu Elmari) started ShadeLite Style to build a team of female musicians to support female musicians. The grandchild of two small business owners, it was only a matter of time before she combined her love of music, fashion, and supporting the community.

Ross Robinson: Chief Supporter

Owner and operator of ShadeLite Style, the sister company of ShadeLite Style, Ross helped create ShadeLite Style because he believed in Marielle's vision. 

Isabelle (Izzy) McNabney: Co-Head of Inventory

Izzy, aka Lil Tugboat, is the younger sister of Marielle and even more full of spunk and determination. With a keen eye for fashion and a surprising love of spreadsheets, Izzy keeps ShadeLite Style running like a real business. 

Logan Darr: Lookbook Photographer

Before ShadeLite Style, there was Against The Grain Fashion, a mini attempt at a resale shop Marielle started. Logan was the original photographer for ATG and has come back to help take incredibly beautiful photos for all of ShadeLite Style's lookbooks.

Ashley Smith, Eli Amariah, Cii La'Cole Stewart, Kelsey Sharp, Kayla Brown, & Fiona Kimble: Female Musician Board of Assistants

All of these women are musicians in the Champaign Urbana community and have done extensive outreach to support others as well. Incredible musicians, they all provide different assistance depending on their areas of expertise. Without their help, ShadeLite Style could not have as big of an impact.